How would you change copyrights and intellectual property


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How valid are Copyrights and intellectual property protections?

A great debate is underway about the place of copyrights and other intellectual property protections when the internet allows access to "everything."

The Open movement has provided some tools that authors and creators may use to identify how their works may be used.

Traditional copyrights and intellectual property protections aim to protect the owner and provide the owner with a financial reward. However, the effect is that these protections serve to limit the free access to information and intellectual property protections are used to impose secrecy and to prevent or restrict the dissemination of knowledge.

Blumberg and Sydell (2011) reported that although patent laws are intended to protect and compensate the inventor, patents are often vague and duplicate patents are issued for the same idea. Patents are being horded by "patent trolls" (companies that exist for the sole purpose of suing innovators over patent infringement). In recent technology news, many of the major technology companies are suing each other: e.g. consider the following headlines:

Apple Sues Samsung, Claims Its Android Devices Are Copycats HTC Sues Apple Using Google Patents Bought Last Week as Battle Escalates

Apple sues rival HTC as phone competition rises
Google says Apple sues rather than innovates. Google's problem is Apple does both

Given this state of affairs, would you change Copyright and intellectual property protections? Why or why not?

How would you change Copyrights and intellectual property laws?

These laws have the potential to break a start-up. Does the Open movement have the answers?


Blumberg, A., & Sydell, L. (2011). Intellectual Ventures And The War Over Software Patents. Plaent Money. Retrieved from

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