Discuss about data teams and data-driven dialogue


Discussion- Data Teams and Data-Driven Dialogue

After completing Readings and Resources, access the links below and watch the videos.

Data Teams

Data-Driven Dialogue (Fairfax County Virginia Public Schools)

  • Best Practices: Data-driven Dialogues
  • Data Teams: The Process

One of the ways to bring everyone on your staff into the conversation is collaboration through data teams and data-driven dialogue. While these will not replace the importance of each teacher's using data to inform instruction, it is a way to facilitate effective "agents of change."

  • As you view the videos, where have you seen this type of collaboration in your school?
  • Do the teachers in your school feel as passionate as the teachers in these videos?
  • If you were the school executive, what would you change as you compare/contrast what you see in the videos to what you see taking place in your building?
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Other Subject: Discuss about data teams and data-driven dialogue
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