Compare and contrast three inclusion models


Part 1

You will compare and contrast three inclusion models by filling out the Inclusion Support Model Chart (see below). For each model, your will describe the key elements and distinctive characteristics, examine the advantages and challenges, and discuss the resources needed to implement each model.

One-To-One Assistant Itinerant Consultation Coteaching

Key elements and distinctive characteristics of model



Resources needed to implement the model

Part 2

Next, assume you have been hired by a school district to provide inclusion support to children with disabilities, ages 3-5. Write a two-page reflection essay on which inclusion model you might like to try and why. Discuss what it might look like and what skills you might need to acquire or already have that might help the model develop successfully-keep in mind that there is no one right inclusion model. There are a variety of ways to accomplish inclusion. The choice of models depends on the needs of the child, family, staff, and resources of the program.

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