Explain Radical Reconstruction in 1866

In 1866, the radical congressional members began to dominate the Reconstruction process. Describe Radical Reconstruction and what the Radicals did when they were in control.




The lopsided Fortieth Congress dissolved the southern state  governments which Johnson had recognized. Apart from for Tennesse, which had already re-admitted to the Union, the former Confederacy was classified into five military provinces, each commanded by a major general. The army would maintain order and register voters from among blacks and those whites who had not been disenfranchised. The state conventions these voters were needed to ratify the 13th and 14th Amendments and to warranty the vote to adult black males. After Congress approved their constitutions, the reconstructed states would be admitted to the Union and elect representatives to Congress.

Congress took partial control of the army away from him and strike at the President’s control of his own cabinet officers. The Tenure of Office Act forbade the president to eliminate any appointed official who had been confirmed by the Senate without the Senate’s approval of his dismissal. Radicals wanted Johnson to break the Tenure of Office Act so that they could impeach him.

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