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  • Q : What does an unessential complicated

    Unessential complicated theories violate: (w) common sense. (x) the principle of nonsatiety. (y) the laws of demand and supply. (z) Occam's razor.

    Please gues I really need one good answer from the above options.

  • Q : When is a good taken as scarce Can

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regarding scarcity in economics generally?

    A good is taken as scarce when people: (w) lack the funds required to make sure their survival. (x) require

  • Q : Comunity engagement and education

    identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

  • Q : Firm-production similar to output with

    When a firm could produce at least similar output with less of one resource and no additional of any other, mix of resources of the firm is technologically: (w) and economically efficient. (x) efficient, but economically inefficient. (y) inefficient, but economically

  • Q : Majority worse off and minority better

    When an economic change makes a huge majority of the population worse off and a minute minority better off, the alteration is: (w) good for society because it made some people better off. (x) bad for society since only a few people ar

  • Q : Knowing the Property Rights Fee-simple

    Fee-simple property rights comprise the right to: (1) Demolish things you own, sell them, or confer them away.  (2) Duplicate a copyrighted work by paying the small fee. (3) Picnic in such publicly-owned facilities like national parks. (4) Employ

  • Q : Define the term Prices in prices and

    Prices are: (w) used to ration free goods and resources. (x) zero for several scarce goods and resources. (y) the merely efficient way to assign luxury goods. (z) one mechanism for rationing scarce goods and resources.

    Q : When is Economics LEAST related with

    Economics like a science is LEAST related with how people: (w) try to make themselves happy. (x) utilize resources to try to satisfy their desires. (y) adjust to changes within government policies. (z) morally justify cheating upon their income taxes.

  • Q : Comparative Systems-Socialism I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Comparative Systems- Socialism. Please help me in the following question. From roughly 1890 till year1990 or thus, the main challenger of capitalism was: (1) Monarchy. (2) Fascism. (3) Socialism. (4) Anarchism.

  • Q : Lifelong objectives with utilitarian

    To be everlastingly part of an association where utilitarian principles were discussed was between the lifelong objectives of: (w) Jeremy Bentham. (x) Robert Owen. (y) Saint Simon. (z) John Stuart Mill

    Can someone

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