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  • Q : Administrative estimations of peoples

    The requirement criterion of distribution usually entails: (1) Greater production incentives than the other systems. (2) Much difficult administrative estimations of people's requirements. (3) Generation of extreme pollution. (4) Dividing national inc

  • Q : Technological advance in costs All else

    All else equivalent, when the output of one good raises, the output of other goods: (1) Should fall in an underemployed economy. (2) May rise as well when society begins on its PPF. (3) Will drop in an efficient and completely employed economy. (4) Essentially experie

  • Q : Determine broad distributive economics

    Economy-broad efficiency: (w) may only be got in a command economy. (x) is classically the most significant goal of public policies. (y) has little to do along with price or market conditions. (z) needs that additional gains to anyone entails losses t

  • Q : Example of distributive efficiency in

    I found a seashell which you would truly like to have, and you determined a coconut that I would truly like to include. Trading your coconut for my seashell would improve: (i) allocative efficiency. (ii) productive efficiency. (iii) distributive efficiency. (iv) quali

  • Q : Achieving economic welfare For any

    For any given point on the production possibilities (or PPF) curve: (i) More economic welfare is achieved than from any points within the PPF. (ii) Moving to some other output combination should yield enhanced economic welfare. (iii) More of some good can be generated

  • Q : Spending money for enhancement in

    Choosing NOT to spend the additional money required to enhance the safety of a dangerous traffic intersection is an illustration of: (v) macroeconomic policy decisions. (w) positive economics. (x) how society assigns prices to human lives. (y) economic inefficiency. (

  • Q : Property Rights I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Property Rights. Please help me in getting the right answer from the following question. John Locke believed that the value and property rights derive from: (i) Social conventions prevailing inheritance. (ii) The helpf

  • Q : Example of Normative Macroeconomics

    To say that high joblessness rates in this prosperous country are a national disgrace would be an illustration of a: (w) normative macroeconomic statement. (x) positive macroeconomic statement. (y) positive microeconomic statement. (z) normative microeconomic statemen

  • Q : Usefulness of Positive Economics Please

    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    Positive economics is MOST helpful within finding if: (i) Particular economic goals are good or not. (ii) A set of national goals is desirable. (iii) Specific economic t

  • Q : When are all resources encompassed All

    All resources are encompassed through the classes of labor: (i) industrial robots, energy, and raw materials. (ii) capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge. (iii) land, entrepreneurship and capital. (iv) entrepreneurship, investment and materials. (v)

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