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  • Q : Explain about the term whom in

    The fundamental economic questions are "What?”, “How?”, and “For whom”? When we ask, "For whom?", we need to know who will: (w) produce the goods. (x) consume the goods. (y) get the profits. (z) decide wh

  • Q : Worse off and better off condition in

    When an economic change makes one person worse off and one thousand persons better off, this is: (1) good for society. (2) bad for society. (3) neither bad nor good for society. (4) not possible to assess without a va

  • Q : Fundamental categories for economic

    The four fundamental categories for economic resources are: (w) matter, energy, technology and information. (x) wages, rent, interest and profits. (y) land, labor, capital and entrepreneurship. (z) machinery, energy, workers and government.

  • Q : Opportunity cost of absent class in

    Why is class attendance mostly always higher on days while examinations are specified?

  • Q : Limitations of economic resources Hey

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of economic resources that is given below:

    Resources (factors of production) do NOT comprise: (i) entrepreneurship. (ii) competition. (iii) land. (iv) capital. (

  • Q : Requirements of each and every economic

    In contrast to free goods, each and every economic goods: (1) Raise happiness. (2) Are taxed. (3) Need large amounts of human labor to generate. (4) Entail opportunity costs?

    Please help me to solve the problem of

  • Q : Comparative Systems-Socialism I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Comparative Systems- Socialism. Please help me in the following question. From roughly 1890 till year1990 or thus, the main challenger of capitalism was: (1) Monarchy. (2) Fascism. (3) Socialism. (4) Anarchism.

  • Q : Wealthy entrepreneurs by perfectly

    Do you agree along with the adage such that "You cannot find rich working for somebody else"? Should successful entrepreneurs serve others to enrich themselves? Can wage earners acquire great wealth without investing? How may you test the accuracy of your answ

  • Q : Where is Positive theory inaccurate Can

    Can anybody suggest me the proper description for given problem regarding positive theory in Economics generally.

    Positive theory which is inaccurate: (w) can be disproved through logic and fact. (x) includes poor

  • Q : Human choices and consequences in

    Economics as like a Science is most relates with: (a) human consequences and their choices. (b) mathematical formulas to compute profit. (c) how government agencies price services and goods. (d) wealth accumulated through private ente