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  • Q : Define Allocation Allocation : The

    Allocation: The distribution of funds or costs from one account or misuse to one or more accounts or appropriations (example, the allocation of employee compensation funding from the statewide 9800 Budget Act items to the departmental Budget Act items

  • Q : Difference among proforma financial

    Describe difference among pro forma financial statements and a cash budget? Depict why pro forma financial statements are not utilized to forecast cash needs.
    Pro forma income statements deal along with revenues and expenses which are not alway

  • Q : What are the Changes in Authorized

    Changes in Authorized Positions (“Schedule 2”): This is a schedule in the Governor’s Budget which reflects staffing changes made following to the adoption of the present year budget and enacted legislation. This planned document modi

  • Q : Explain Expenditures by Category

    Expenditures by Category: A budget display, for each and every department, which reflects actual precedent year, estimated present year, and proposed budget year expenses presented by the character of expenditure (example, State Operations and/or Loca

  • Q : Translate enterprise value in net

    Describe the adjustments essential to translate enterprise value to the net present value of common equity.
    To get the value of the company's common stock, add up the value of the firm's present assets to the enterprise value (this generates the

  • Q : What are Salaries and Wages Supplement

    Salaries and Wages Supplement: The annual publication issued in a while after the Governor's Budget, including a summary of all positions by department, unit, and categorization for the past, present, and budget years, as of July 1 of the present year

  • Q : What is Operating Expenses and Equipment

    Operating Expenses and Equipment (OE&E): This is a class of a support appropriation which comprises objects of expenditure like general expenses, communication, printing, travel, data processing, tools, and accessories for the equipment.

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