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  • Q : What is State Operations State

    State Operations (SO): It is a character of expenditure symbolizing expenditures for the support of state government, exclusive of capital investments and expenses for the local assistance actions.

  • Q : Define Spot Bill Spot Bill : It is an

    Spot Bill: It is an introduced bill which makes non-substantive modifications in a law, generally with the intent to amend the bill at a later date to comprise substantive law modifications. This procedure gives a means for circumventing the deadline

  • Q : Describe who owns a credit union

    Describe who owns a credit union?
    Credit unions are owned through their members. While credit union members put money in their credit union, they are not "depositing" the money technically.  In spite of, they are purchasing shares of the cr

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  • Q : What is Special Items of Expense

    Special Items of Expense: It is an expenditure category which covers nonrecurring big expenditures or special aim expenditures which usually need a separate appropriation (or else need separation for clarity).

  • Q : For banking services how competitive is

    For banking services how competitive is the market?
    Along with more than 7,000 banks and thrifts in the U.S., banking is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Assume the following characteristics of the American financial services

  • Q : Explain Pro Rata Pro Rata : It is the

    Pro Rata: It is the amount of state administrative costs, paid from General Fund and the Central Service Cost Recovery Fund (example, amounts expended by the central service departments like the State Treasurer's Office, State Controller's Office, Sta

  • Q : Describe the primary variables in EOQ

    Describe the primary variables being balanced in the EOQ inventory model? Clarify
    In the EOQ model the primary variables being balanced are carrying costs and ordering costs. The more frequent orders are placed the lower the firm's carrying co