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  • Q : Explain State-Mandated Local Program

    State-Mandated Local Program: The state compensations to local governments for the cost of activities needed by legislative and executive acts. This reimbursement necessity was established, Statutes of 1972 (SB 90) and further approved by the adoption

  • Q : Compare and contrast the book value and

    Compare and contrast the book value & liquidation value per share for common stock. Is one method more reliable? Describe.
    The Book Value of a firm's common stock is found by subtracting the value of the firm's liabilities, and preferred stoc

  • Q : Explain Governors Budget Summary or

    Governor's Budget Summary (or A-Pages): This is a companion publication to the Governor’s Budget which outlines the Governor’s goals, policies, and objectives for the budget year. This gives a perspective on important fiscal and/or structu

  • Q : What is Sunset Clause Sunset Clause :

    Sunset Clause: The language contained in a law which states the expiration (termination) date for that statute.

  • Q : Define Reserve Reserve: The amount of a

    Reserve: The amount of a fund balance set sideways to give for expenditures from the unencumbered balance for ongoing appropriations, future apportionments, and economic uncertainties, pending salary or price raise appropriations, and appropriations f

  • Q : Describe financial ratio Describe

    Describe financial ratio?
    This is a number which expresses the value of one financial variable relative to another. Put more cleanly, a financial ratio is the result you obtain when you divide one financial number by another.  Computing an

  • Q : What is Revenue Anticipation Notes

    Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANs): The cash management tool usually used to remove cash flow imbalances in the General Fund in a given fiscal year. The RANs are not a budget deficit-financing tool.

  • Q : Negative consequences of company

    Explain negative consequences of a company holding too much cash?
    A company holding too much cash would be giving up the chance to invest more in income generating assets

  • Q : Explain Statewide Cost Allocation Plan

    Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP): It is the amount of state administrative, General Fund costs (example, amounts expended by the central service departments like the State Personnel Board, State Treasurer’s Office, State C

  • Q : Can a company hold a default rate on

    Can a company hold a default rate on its accounts receivable that is too low? Describe.
    A company could hold a default rate on AR which would be considered too low if by liberalizing credit terms a significant rise in sales revenue and cash inf

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