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  • Q : What is Prior Year Adjustment Prior

    Prior Year Adjustment: An adjustment for the difference among prior year accruals and real expenditures or revenues. The previous year adjustment amount is usually comprised in the Fund Condition Statements as an adjustment to realign the starting fun

  • Q : Describe patterns of cash flows for

    Describe two patterns of cash flows for a share of common stock. How does the market find out the value of the most common cash flow pattern for common stock?
    Cash flows for share of common stock contain dividend payments and the price attained f

  • Q : Describe Schedule 10 Schedule 10 :

    Schedule 10: (Supplementary Schedule of Appropriations): The Department of Finance control document listing all the appropriations and allocations of funds accessible for expenditure throughout the past, present, and budget years. Such documents are s

  • Q : What is Feasibility Study Report

    Feasibility Study Report (FSR): This is a document proposing an information technology project which contains analyses of options, cost estimates, and some other information.

  • Q : Explain State-Mandated Local Program

    State-Mandated Local Program: The state compensations to local governments for the cost of activities needed by legislative and executive acts. This reimbursement necessity was established, Statutes of 1972 (SB 90) and further approved by the adoption

  • Q : Define Fund Balance Fund Balance : For

    Fund Balance: For accounting aims, the excess of a fund’s assets over its liabilities. And for budgeting aims, the surplus of a fund’s resources over its expenses.

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