Optimize your time by “Effective Time management Tips”

As it is said by Mother Teresa “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is the most precious thing in our life. To succeed in any field of career we have to manage time but due to poor management we fail in every field.

Time management ability and disciplines, which you develop as student can aid you for rest of the life. Time management is merely the method you controls or schedules your time. It is the significant ability to master as it can aid student manage different responsibilities in life: family, school, work, and many other activities. If this ability is rightly learned and applied, it can really save student time.

Some useful tips to aid you to develop good time management skills are as follows:

Create good study habits

Make study a habit: Study at same time every day so that it becomes routine. Map for periodical reviews: Arrange a plan for week so that student can make future plan to study and can prepare for further studies. Set apart blocks of study time roughly 2 hours: Always keep a fixed study time so that student becomes habitual of studying. Maintain your study area only for studying so that you do not get any kind of distraction and nobody disturbs you. Write down the assignments of every class so that it will help you at the time of studying and you do not have to worry for the study material. Always review what you have learnt while walking, waiting. It help you in revising the subject. Swiftly review the notes or readings relating to the class you are entering.

Plan Properly for Peak Performance calendar

Set up school-year calendar to get picture of semester: do not comprise too much detail at this point. Timetable your fixed commitment. Block out time for papers, readings, projects, scheduled exams, meetings, holidays, breaks, presentations, etc. Assign time for planned recreation, sports, club activities, etc. Enter significant dates for social and family life. Leave free time for yourself so you have flexibility.

Always follow your plan

Do not allow peer pressure for short-term satisfaction stay along what you think is significant.  Focus on objectives you have set for yourself and pursue your true top priority support your priority with your long-term values and objectives.

Always set priorities

There is always more to do than you have time for priorities. Be aware that actions you take today will set seeds for your long-term achievement or failure. Imagine possible actions you can take today that will contribute to success. Write down replies you have come up with and sort things out by asking yourself three more questions. Balance your priorities: we all have so much to do in our life we have personal life, professional life etc. So we have to set our priorities between all our works.

Make a Daily To-Do List

At ending of each day organize and timetable the next day. Include routines, errands, and study time. By making weekly task lists, student is able to see that tasks are convenient in smaller pieces

Overcome procrastination: Without date, you will reschedule. At whatever time you get assignment, set goal for when you are going to start it so you can stop without last minute panic.

Once you are given a due date on assignment, count backwards from due date to establish start date. Take into account time you will be spending on other items like social events, sports, etc. Take help from your school calendar where you have blocked out time you have committed to other things. If you generally wait until last minute to study or work on assignment, instead of making your objective to finish on time, create your goal to finish early. If assignment is big then break it into small pieces according to your capability

We must always learn from our past. The mistakes we have done in our past we must not repeat it, we should remember the consequences of it.

Organization is key when it comes to time management.  More organized the student is, the better he or she will be capable to apply time management skills. First step in this organization is to generate the assignment calendar.  Always follow the time table you have created.

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